Vision and Mission

Our Philosophy

Successful Relief facilitation should be minimally invasive; it should not create another substantial problem for the requester.

For this reason we focus on delivering value in three core areas:

Clarity: We charge no fee for our services regardless of profit potential or the size of the project. This means one less variable to worry about at the critical stage in your life or community project when accurate calculation spells the difference between success and failure.

Transparency/Security: When it comes to managing project finances we believe the donor and the requester should be able to see where every cent or their non monetary contribution goes and feel confident that there resources will not be misappropriated. We are able to accomplish this through a careful screening of requesters through the use of our financial management platform.

Efficiency: With clarity and transparency comes efficiency and efficiency is what we are all about. Our service and products help eliminate waste while at the same time providing you with the information you need to gain a clear picture of your project.

Visit our Business model page for details on how we plan to offer our service for free and manage our administrative and miscellaneous expenses.


Provide a transparent, secure, and efficient relief to individuals and communities all over the world.



An organization that connects people requiring material or financial relief for personal medical condition or for community projects with those willing to provide help.

ReliefPal accomplishes this by

  1. bringing the donors and relief requester together through a web platform
  2. providing transparency of the money flow (for donors)
  3. providing due diligence for the donor (by examining the need/project for its compliance with our criteria and per Internal Revenue Services requirements)
  4. providing visibility to the relief requester about our progress in handling their request



  • Provide the service at no cost to Requesters, and Donors
  • Provide an environment to those who want to make a difference to volunteer from any part of the country / world
  • To move the world of philanthropy to provide more visibility to how our donations (time and/or money) are making an impact to the receipients
  • To move philanthropic request process from spam emails or postal mails or marketing phone calls to less intrusive format using the web



  • To be rated among the top web-based relief agency in the world
  • To maintain a relief success rate above 95%
  • Provide visibility to how each cent was spent